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Element Fitness training containers

Element Fitness training containers are standard shipping containers custom-fabricated to integrate Element Fitness functional training rigs and store the equipment necessary to create a multi-modality training center in any place.

Containers come in 2 standard sizes - 10 and 20ft and every project are unique - we tailor them according to training needs and specifics - not only externally, but also internally, depending on the functional inventory you might need.
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4X Gym Case: Mobile training camp

The mobile tactical training camp converts into a portable pull-up rack and Olympic Lifting Stand with pull-up bars and dip bars - it has room to carry battle ropes, body weight straps, rings, and a variety of other fitness accessories.

The training camp fits easily in the back of a van or SUV and can be carried by two people. It is assembled with ease in less than 30 minutes. Multiple boxes can be connected in back-to-back or side-by-side configurations to accommodate larger groups and more complex structures for group training.
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Shooting targets

Element Fitness offers a safe, convenient, and reliable performance for all your target-shooting needs. Take advantage of the latest technology in HARDOX shooting targets for your recreational, competition, or professional shooting experiences.
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