Safe and free step towards a healthy lifestyle in a park, at work, in your local hospital, kindergarten, school, or university.

Air walk

SKU: 20-07049 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Hip swing

SKU: 20-07057 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Cross trainer

SKU: 20-07070 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Row machine

SKU: 20-07086 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Leg press

SKU: 20-07107 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Standing abduction trainer

SKU: 20-07160 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Hip twister

SKU: 20-07175 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Hand rotator

SKU: 20-07180 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Push and pull chair

SKU: 20-07225 (STL / DXF, DWG)