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Outdoor gym machines with adjustable weight

Our initial lineup of  5  exciting additions - Leg Press, Biceps Curl, Shoulder Press, Back Row, and Bench Press - is just the beginning of a commitment to bring you cutting-edge and top-quality outdoor gym solutions.

We understand that outdoor fitness requires sturdy equipment that can withstand various weather conditions, humidity, and even the possibility of vandalism. Our engineering team is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring that each machine not only meets but exceeds the challenges posed by outdoor environments.

Certified assurance

Confidence in every workout with our EN16630-certified gym machines, ensuring top-tier quality and safety standards.

Effortless assembly

Set up your Element Fitness gym machines quickly and easily. Minimize assembly time, and maximize workout enjoyment.

All-weather durability 

Gym machines boast durable and weather-resistant construction, standing strong against varying weather conditions.

Customized comfort

Personalize your workout with adjustable weights and seats for ultimate comfort. Our non-slip surfaces guarantee safety and stability for a wide range of exercises.

Bench press OG

SKU: 30-14771 (SKP)

Shoulder press OG

SKU: 30-14772 (SKP)

Seated row OG

SKU: 30-14773 (SKP)

Bicep curl OG

SKU: 30-14774 (SKP)

Leg press OG

SKU: 30-14775 (SKP)

Unveiling our winter-proof gym machine prototypes

In this episode, join Nick as he showcases our very first outdoor gym machine prototypes. Despite the harsh winter in Daugavpils city (Latvia), these prototypes have become a beloved part of the community, still in demand as we roll out new and upgraded versions. Discover how these prototypes were designed to withstand the elements and why they've earned a special place in the hearts of local fitness enthusiasts.

Classic Collection

Our classic collection boasts 11 training machines designed to cater to beginners, children, and fitness enthusiasts alike. Whether it's on school playgrounds, municipality parks, or leisure centers, our gym machines are loved by people of all ages and activity levels. Moreover, it is fully EN1176 and EN16630 certified.

Row Machine

Full-body workout - exercise performance allows you to burn high amounts of calories with no extra stress on your joints.

Double Pull Chair

By pulling the lever in a downward motion, the seat is raised, therefore the seat moves with resistance depending on the body weight of the user.

Leg Press

The leg push is an effective lower-body compound exercise that works your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and other muscles.  

Natural physical movements

Our outdoor gym machines are carefully crafted to mimic natural physical movements, providing a challenging yet gentle workout experience that won't strain your muscles. We take pride in promoting a healthy lifestyle without overwhelming your body.

Customization is key

Customization is key, and that's why we offer a wide range of colors to choose from the RAL color palette, ensuring that our machines blend seamlessly into any environment.

Experience the joy of outdoor fitness

Experience the joy of outdoor fitness with our gym machines, and let the adventure begin! Discover the perfect outdoor training solutions for schools, parks, and leisure centers that promote an active lifestyle for everyone. Explore our range of customizable gym machines, designed to mimic natural movements for an effective and gentle workout!

Air walker

SKU: 20-11111 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Hip swing

SKU: 20-11105 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Cross trainer

SKU: 20-11115 (STL / DXF, DWG)


SKU: 20-11113 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Leg press

SKU: 20-11101 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Leg swing

SKU: 20-11107 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Double pull chair

SKU: 20-10977 (STL / DXF, DWG)


SKU: 20-11103 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Push and pull chair

SKU: 20-10969 (STL / DXF, DWG)


SKU: 20-11109 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Double push chair

SKU: 20-11099 (STL / DXF, DWG)

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