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Outdoor gym machines

Exercise in the great outdoors with equipment that encourages natural movement

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Air walker

SKU: 20-11111 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Hip swing

SKU: 20-11105 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Cross trainer

SKU: 20-11115 (STL / DXF, DWG)


SKU: 20-11113 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Leg press

SKU: 20-11101 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Leg swing

SKU: 20-11107 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Double pull chair

SKU: 20-10977 (STL / DXF, DWG)


SKU: 20-11103 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Push and pull chair

SKU: 20-10969 (STL / DXF, DWG)


SKU: 20-11109 (STL / DXF, DWG)

Double push chair

SKU: 20-11099 (STL / DXF, DWG)