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Aiming for success

Leveraging our extensive expertise in steel fabrication and our passion for shooting in our spare time, we have harnessed this unique blend of knowledge to craft products that are not only highly practical but also remarkably affordable and exceptionally durable.

Our journey into this field began in 2017 when Element Fitness ventured into creating top-tier targets, primarily tailored to the specific needs of military units as part of custom orders. 

Our portfolio includes an array of meticulously crafted targets, poppers, and bullet receivers designed to accommodate rimfire handguns and machine guns, and proudly every component of our products is crafted right here within the EU.

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Shooting popper D-150

SKU: 20-04165

Shooting popper D-200

SKU: 20-04166

Shooting popper 200x250x10

SKU: 20-04168

Dueling tree

SKU: 20-13436


SKU: 20-13724


SKU: 20-13511

Bianchi rack

SKU: 20-13523

Hanging plates

SKU: 20-13728

Texas star

SKU: 20-13725

Gongs - silhouettes

SKU: 20-06387

Gongs - circle

SKU: 20-09794

Self-setting gong

SKU: 20-09807

Bullet receiver

SKU: R20-00066

IPSC gong

SKU: 20-09794

Plate on a leg

SKU: 20-09807

IPSC popper

SKU: R20-00066


SKU: 20-09765