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Alexei Homutinin
Founder, CEO

Meet the visionary force behind Element Fitness, Alexei. As the Founder and CEO, Alexei is not just a leader; he is the heartbeat of our organization. With a relentless passion for fitness and innovation, he has steered Element Fitness to remarkable heights. His strategic acumen shapes our path, ensuring optimal operations and groundbreaking advancements. Alexei is not just a leader; he is the driving force propelling Element Fitness toward a future of limitless possibilities.

Eugene Kokor
Head of Sales, BDO

Our maestro of customer relations. As the Head of Sales and Business Development Officer, Eugene is the embodiment of customer focus within our team. Polite, professional, and adept at decoding the most complex project requirements, he possesses the unique ability to ask the right questions that lead to innovative solutions. His dedication to ensuring client satisfaction is unparalleled, and he is always delighted to assist with anything related to Element Fitness. With Eugene, you're not just getting a sales expert; you're gaining a trusted partner in your fitness journey.

Edward Geicun
Chief Engineer, CTO

At the helm of our engineering marvels is Edward, our esteemed Chief Engineer and Chief Technology Officer. Leading the charge in our engineering department, he oversees a realm of projects and prototypes, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the highest industry standards. His commitment to quality assurance is the driving force behind the excellence ingrained in every Element Fitness creation. With Edward steering the technical ship, innovation, and precision are not just goals but the very foundation of our engineering endeavors.

Alexander Petrov
Account Executive

Alexander is our dedicated Account Executive with a wealth of experience as a sales executive in the German-speaking region. Possessing a keen understanding of the fitness industry, he has played a pivotal role in assisting numerous clients in setting up truly unique training spaces tailored to help them reach their goals. His expertise lies not only in understanding the needs of our clients but in crafting solutions that go beyond expectations, making fitness visions a tangible reality. With Alexander at the forefront, we ensure that every client journey is marked by seamless collaboration and unmatched satisfaction.

Nick Mikhaylov
Head of Marketing, CMO

Nick seamlessly merges the core values of our company with the pulse of society. Armed with expertise and fueled by passion, he forges meaningful connections that propel our brand to new heights of recognition and influence. He doesn't just market products; he crafts experiences, infusing every campaign with authenticity and resonance. In a world of noise, he ensures that the voice of Element Fitness stands out, resonating with our audience and leaving an indelible mark in the fitness industry.

Mark Badalan
Account Executive

Meet Mark, a seasoned and highly organized Account Executive with a wealth of experience in sales across Europe. Renowned for his structured approach and consistent performance, Mark brings a level of precision to client interactions that ensures smooth and efficient management of projects. His multi-year experience as a sales executive equips him with the insights and skills necessary to navigate the diverse landscape of the fitness industry. Whether you're based in the heart of Europe or Scandinavia, Mark is dedicated to delivering a seamless experience, ensuring that your fitness goals are not just met but exceeded.

Fyodor Voitov
Warehouse Manager

As the esteemed leader of our warehouse operations, Fyodor orchestrates a seamless symphony of inventory control, employee management, and operational efficiency. His dynamic role ensures the safety, productivity, and accuracy of our entire warehouse operation. A diligent overseer, he collaborates closely with sales personnel, guaranteeing that orders are meticulously fulfilled. He embodies the commitment to excellence that defines our warehouse team.

Once upon a time, in the realm of fitness enthusiasts, we embarked on a journey to find the ultimate training experience. We sweated, strained, and tested countless machines and gears, searching for that perfect blend of excitement and functionality. And then, a revelation struck - we discovered the power of functional fitness.

With passion fueling our hearts, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create our equipment. It was a journey of trial and error, with some successes and some lessons learned along the way. But our determination never wavered, as we received our first orders and realized we were onto something special.

As we delved deeper into this new frontier, we sought guidance and inspiration. The Battle of Riga came to our aid, connecting us with like-minded individuals and providing invaluable feedback. We found ourselves embraced by a community of passionate souls who shared their love for what we do. Together, we formed a team, united in pursuit of greatness.

With each passing day, our product range expanded, and we set our sights on the future. We established guiding principles for their creations - 
functionality above all, adaptability to current and future challenges, durability without maintenance headaches, and bespoke solutions for every need.

And so, our journey continues. We are driven by a desire to develop equipment that tackles a multitude of tasks, from physical education to rehabilitation, interval training to tactical workouts. We thrive on the exchange of experiences and ideas with our clients, crafting solutions that help them achieve their goals.

Whatever challenge lies before you, share it with us, and witness the magic as they weave a solution tailored just for you. Step into our world of innovative fitness equipment and let us guide you toward greatness.