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To offer the most customized and versatile solutions for the functional training anywhere.

Some time ago, we opened a fitness club, where we trained with our families and friends. Having tried loads of different gym machines and gear, we understood that functional fitness is the best one that matches our idea about exciting and really useful training. We decided to try making equipment on our own and soon we were “testing” results. Something went good, something was not quite what we thought it should be, but we kept on going! After getting several orders, we decided to develop this field. We had to examine new areas and see whether the direction we move is right. Guys from Battle of Riga helped us very much. Cooperating with event organizers, we received valuable feedback and recommendations and found ourselves in a community of people keen on what they do, which are now a part of our team. As the product range expanded, we set the “game rules” to follow in the future:

Make really functional equipment only,
        It must be adjustable to tasks now & later,
   Durable and with no maintenance costs,
Simple & customized solutions.           

Now, we are pleased to continue to develop equipment for solving a wide range of tasks - from physical education and rehabilitation to interval and tactical training, we exchange experiences and ideas with our clients and create solutions that help them achieve their goals. Whatever your task is, tell us about it, and we will be happy to help you find a solution for it!