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Steadfast companions in every workout session

Unlock limitless training possibilities with our comprehensive range of rig training attachments. From pull-up bars and core training equipment to supportive accessories, these versatile and durable attachments are designed to be your steadfast companions in every workout session.

Elevate your fitness routine with tools that offer endless versatility and reliability, ensuring you get the most out of every rep, every time.

Half safety bars

SKU: 20-05806
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Premium bar holders (j-cups)

SKU: 20-12222
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Removable plyo platform

SKU: 20-03522
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Obstacle Course and Ninja Training Accessories

If you’re an obstacle course runner whether an American Ninja star, Tough Run athlete, or fitness enthusiast - grip strength and endurance are crucial to your success and personal records. Our grip training attachments are perfect for anyone who is getting started in their training for OCR or simply wants to spice up their gym routines.


V-shape dip bars

SKU: 20-04119
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Premium V-shape dip bars

SKU: 20-01692
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Removable parallel dip bars

SKU: 20-03005
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Removable pull-up bar

SKU: 20-02986
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Hip raise bench

SKU: 20-06627 
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Wall-mounted dip bars

SKU: 20-03882

Rope connection/bar holder

SKU: 20-01097
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Wall ball target

SKU: 20-00475
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Additional wall ball target

SKU: 20-00507
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Core trainer

SKU: 20-00959
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Outboard attachment

SKU: 20-03016
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Custom logo plate

SKU: 20-09053
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Wooden ladder

SKU: 10-05144
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Metal ladder

SKU: 20-00993
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Handstand push-up shield

SKU: 20-02881
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Multi-grip pull-up bar

SKU: 20-00130

Wide pull-up bar with spheres

SKU: 20-02789

Multi-level pull-up bar

SKU: 20-00512

On-beam pull-up bar

SKU: 20-00293

Wide on-beam pull-up bar

SKU: 20-01728

Flying pull-up bar

SKU: 20-01524 (1.77m)
SKU: 20-01062 (1.05m)

Monkey bar ladder

SKU: 20-03156 (1.77m)
SKU: 20-03418 (1.05m)

Steel foot plates

SKU: 10-00503 (0.4m)
SKU: 10-02723 (0.65m)
SKU: 10-01194 (1.05m)
SKU: 10-03037 (1.77m)

On beam attachable sphere

SKU: 02494


SKU: 20-05625

Thigh pad attachment

SKU: 20-08812

Single leg support

SKU: 20-04211