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Element Fitness Storage Solutions let you create dynamic kettlebell/dumbbell/plates/medicine balls racks customized to your gym’s needs. It is always possible to select your preferred storage rack height (2-tier or 3-tier) and the type of shelf for each tier (flat tray for kettlebells or angled for dumbbells). The depth of the flat shelf offers the benefit of being able to stack kettlebells for maximum space efficiency. 

Plenty of dumbbells in your gym? No worries. Our 2-tier dumbbell rack is heavy-duty and ideal for use with rubber hex or any other dumbbells. The shelves are made of 4mm gauge steel with a lip, securing all of your dumbbells and allowing quick and easy access. The black powder-coated surface is durable and attractive. 

All our Storage Shelves are fully compatible with other Element Fitness rigs and regular pillars and can be bolted directly to the sides of the rack base or built into your rig.

Dumbbell storage rack

SKU: 20-04912
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Dumbbell storage double rack

SKU: 20-04912-2
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Dumbbell storage rack

SKU: 20-09793
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Custom storage rack

SKU: 20-03983
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Kettlebell storage rack

SKU: 20-08790
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Universal storage rack

SKU: 20-03084
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Functional training wall

SKU: 30-06615
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Functional training corner

SKU: 30-06584
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Functional training wall station

SKU: 30-06627
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Functional training wall

The real beauty of the Training Wall is in its space-saving design. Essentially, any facility can have wall-mounted storage systems, and you can decide on how big or small you would like your station to be and which attachment to use at your training.

SKU: 30-06403

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Disk storage trolley

SKU: 20-06933
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Bar storage rack

SKU: 20-06900
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Bar storage rack

SKU: 20-06898
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Disk storage tower

SKU: 20-06927
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Flat storage shelf

SKU: 20-08251 (1.77 m)
SKU: 20-08224 (1.05 m)
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U-shape storage shelf

SKU: 20-02813 (1.77 m)
SKU: 20-04606 (1.05 m)
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Dumbbell shelf

SKU: 20-05664 (1.77 m)
SKU: 20-05172 (1.05 m)
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Ball/disk storage shelf

SKU: 20-02812 (1.77 m)
SKU: 20-02818 (1.05 m)
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Plate shelf separator

SKU: 10-02801
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Bar holder

SKU: 20-02840
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Storage hooks

SKU: 10- 03793
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Bar horizontal holder

SKU: 10-02560
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Dumbbell holder

SKU: 10-04182
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Plate storage pin

SKU: 20-07372
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