Obstacle course and ninja training accessories

Spice up your obstacle course and ninja training routine

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Designed solutions for the obstacle course community

The secret to your success and personal records as an obstacle course runner, whether you're an American Ninja star, Tough Run competitor, or fitness enthusiast, is grip strength and endurance. 

Our grip training accessories are ideal for those starting their OCR training or just looking to mix up their workouts.

Limited dimensions, unbounded freedom

Obstacle course and ninja training accessories are fully compatible Element Fitness rig system, especially with ninja and obstacle course rigs.
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Durable and premium materials

At Element Fitness, we're committed to using high-quality materials that are safe and user-friendly.
That's why we use materials such as galvanized steel, powder-coated aluminum, UHMW plastic, Hemp, and Nylon to ensure that our ninja and obstacle rigs and attachments are long-lasting and low-maintenance.

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Climbing rope

Nylon, 4.5m x 50mm
SKU: 10-14489

Climbing rope

Hemp, 4.5m x 50mm
SKU: 10-14490

Climbing rope

Hemp, 4m x 20mm
SKU: 00-03952

Wooden gymnastic rings with belts

SKU: 20-05531

Plastic gymnastic rings with belts

SKU: 20-05531

Heavy jump rope (braided)

3m x 38mm
SKU: 00-03948

Nylon rope grip

45cm x 38mm
SKU: 20-11081

Hemp rope grip

45cm x 38mm
SKU: 20-11083

Ribbed Nunchuck grip

SKU: 10-03243

Grip half pinch

SKU: 10-03240

Grip handle

SKU: 20-11173

Trainer pinch

SKU: 20-03246

Cannonball grip S

SKU: 20-11171

Cannonball grip M

SKU: 20-11172

Cannonball grip L

SKU: 20-07633

On-beam stairway grip

SKU: 20-03265 (Inclined right)
SKU: 20-03267 (Inclined left)
SKU: 20-03271 (Horizontal)

On-beam cannonball grip M

SKU: 20-02494

Unstable bridge obstacle

SKU: 20-03275

Gibbon grip

SKU: 20-07957

Grip trainer "Hook"

SKU: 20-07950

The Ramp 5.60m

SKU: 20-07392

Twister obstacle bar

SKU: 20-04333

Revolver pull-up bar

SKU: 20-03484

Salmon ladder

SKU: 20-05151

Odoo • Image and Text

Climbing Cargo Net

We have developed climbing cargo nets for both - indoor and outdoor use. Nets feature durable 20mm polypropylene rope, with a non-slip mesh design at intersections for additional durability and reliability. Net size perfectly suits Element Fitness rigs and can be easily mounted with integrated rubber loops.

SKU: 00-04621 (Size 1.75m x 3.5m) 
SKU: 00-04622 (Size 3.5m x 3.5m)

Wooden peg board

SKU: 10-04183

Plastic peg board

SKU: 20-09079

Climbing board with grips

SKU: 20-03235

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