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Make an independent home training space for your family

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Ideal for up to 5 people

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When we created this station, we had three simple ideas in mind:  first is functionality - so that both adults and children do not get bored with training, second is durability - the station should be your reliable assistant for at least 25 years and the last but not the least is the ease of installation - quickly and almost without looking into the manual. 

You will get

Hot galvanized pillars

Made of high-grade steel 80x80x3mm and ready for any conditions

Pull-up bars + Monkey bar

Attach them at any height to fit the needs of all your team

Squat place and ladder

Perform weightlifting exercises with a barbell and flexibility routine on the opposite side at the same time

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V-shape dip bars

Equipped with a specially designed fast locking system so you don't need any pins to fix it

Core trainer

Get the maximum from your barbell with our 3 axis core trainer and store it vertically in the battle rope anchoring attachment

Outboard arm, wall ball target, and a pair of crafted gymnastic rings

To diversify your workout

Order now at a Special Price 2299 Eur and get the FREE DELIVERY in EU*

* + VAT, delivery inside mainland EU

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Your Private Custom Gym

Garage or backyard gym by Element Fitness will be very useful to those who love a healthy lifestyle and cares about their spare time. With a home gym, you can bring your family to an active lifestyle and spend time together with pleasure. Our company has wide experience in training space arrangement – below you will find multifunctional stations, which will help you to diversify your training. 

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Home Gym +

It's not about fitness only - bring the spirit of adventure to your active routine: bouldering wall, monkeybar and lot of attachable OCR and functional fitness elements.

Home Gym Pro

Cargo net, climbing wall, monkeybar and ladder, ropes, dip bars and lot of stuff for your training.

Home Gym Premium

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