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Racks and squat stands are designed for professional use during power training. The vertical pillars are made of a high-quality 80x80mm structural S235 steel profile. The equipment’s standard height of 2,4 m or 2,8 m allows installing it both in houses and apartments and on-premises equipped for training.

With full modularity in mind

The rack may be fully disassembled. This makes transportation easy and expands its application scope.

The set may be equipped with additional sections, fastening for inventory storage, and special horizontal bars. All other Element Fitness equipment is completely compatible with the Power Rack and Squat Rack.

It enables combination and transformation into other kinds of racks. Squat racks and power racks are perfect for use at home as well as in the power areas of health clubs and gyms.

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The rack is made of a high-class structural steel profile (dimensions 80х80mm, wall thickness – 3mm and up to 6mm on demand), with standard heights of 2.4m and 2.8m.

The mounting holes are laser-cut with a diameter of 16 mm. Dimensions of horizontal bars and beams are 1056 mm and 1776 mm; it allows adapting the rack both for work with weights and for exercises on the horizontal bar.

Premium attachments

The safety holders and j-hooks are made of 8 mm steel and are equipped with special protection sheets made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.

They protect the friction surfaces against wear and ensure additional shock absorption when the weight is let down.

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Squat stand SMALL

SKU: 30-06915
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Squat stand BASIC

SKU: 30-05040
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Squat stand  PRO

SKU: 30-04554
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Power rack standard

SKU: 30-03855
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Power rack extended

SKU: 30-03856
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Half rack PRO

SKU: 30-06978
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Squat rack

SKU: 30-03027
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Functional squat rack with storage

SKU: 30-04181
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Double squat rack

SKU: 30-03102
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Triple squat rack

SKU: 30-04120
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Triple squat rack with ladders

SKU: 30-06812
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Double side squat rack

SKU: 30-04408
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Basic rig "ONE"

SKU: 30-03849
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Basic rig 2-1

SKU: 30-03852
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Basic rig 3-2

SKU: 30-03853
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Wall training station

SKU: 30-05557
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Cross training rig 2-1

SKU: 30-03839
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Functional training corner

SKU: 30-05518
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Double squat rack with platform

SKU: 30-13707

Half rack PRO with platform

SKU: 30-09697 

Squat rack - free standing

SKU: 30-13877

Double squat rack "Competition" pack

SKU: 30-15173

Single squat rack "Full storage" pack

SKU: 30-06810

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