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Conditioning equipment

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Conditioning equipment for high-intensity functional training employing all muscles, developing physical power, explosive power and endurance. We tried to make it available for people with any fitness level which is why it can be easily adjusted both for a professional athlete and a beginner. All structures are made of high-quality materials; they are reliable, durable, and safe.

Adjustable bench

SKU: 20-03128

Utility flat bench

SKU: 20-05997

Weightlifting platform with rubber inlay 

3x2.5m (rubber 30mm)
SKU: 20-05389R

Weightlifting platform with plywood inlay

3x2.5m (rubber 30mm)
SKU: 20-05389W

The in-laid platform for
half-rack PRO

Rubber 30mm
SKU: 20-07649

Outdoor adjustable bench

SKU: 20-06734

On-floor landmine

SKU: 20-08911

Axle bar

SKU: 20-01650

Mobile squat stand

SKU: 20-04198

Mobile sled with logo

SKU: 20-09693

Single-leg squat stand

SKU: 20-09457

Plywood jerk box set (4 items)

SKU: 20-06941

Heavy duty jerk box pair 30cm

SKU: 20-03787

Heavy duty jerk box pair 90cm

SKU: 20-03782


SKU: 20-00206

Farmer walk handles

SKU: 20-07428

Weightlifting platform

3x1m (60mm)
SKU: 20-10721

Plyo box

We used the most reliable design, where each wall is inserted into the joining side. Then each side of the box is screwed with wood screws. The box is equipped with additional stiffeners in the middle, so the plyo box can withstand loads of up to 300 kg.

SKU: 20-01953

Heavy jump rope

A new braided heavy jump rope from Element Fitness can serve as an effective power training tool for forearm strength and shoulder endurance building. The jumping rope features an extra thick 38mm diameter braided nylon rope the length of 3m, along with a pair of polymer handles for a better grip. 

SKU: 00-03948

Braided battle rope

The battle rope's internal part is made from polypropylene and the outer one is poly dacron. The full length is an enormous 12m, which makes this rope the perfect tool for individual training sessions and also pair training - having two athletes grab the ends of both ropes and see, who is stronger. 

SKU: 00-03947