With 1800 impressive square meters in the middle of Aker Brygge, Norway, Studio Jobbsprek has created a gym with facilities a little out of the ordinary. That was one of the nice and exciting projects we brought together with our partners TreningsPark1 in Norway. In Studio Jobbsprek, you can train your own, join group lessons, or book an appointment with their skilled personal trainers. One of the things they wanted to add - was a special functional zone for kids exercising. 

Our designers have split the training rig into 3 different parts and marked each of them in a separate color to show the difficulty level: 

Green - flat monkey bars and crawling net with the sliding hill;

Yellow - upgoing monkey bars with grips and climbing ropes;

Red - vertical and horizontal peg boards, along with wooden Swedish walls and much more. 

    We are always excited to work with projects for kids, since this is always more complex and responsible, but often leads to new inventions and makes progress. Thanks to this project, we have designed and manufactured the sliding hill for the kids, which was built in our regular rig system and will take its place on our shelves and regular offerings. 

    Now, together with our partners, we have ensured Studio Jobbsprek their guests get all the motivation and tools to become an even better version of themselves - for beginners and for experienced athletes.