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Grip training rope (hemp) KIT

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    Product description

    Unlock a new dimension of strength with the Element Fitness Obstacle Course Racing Grip Hemp Training Rope. This uniquely designed rope is not just a tool; it's an experience, sculpting your grip strength and fortifying your entire upper body.

    Key Features:

    1. Explosive Strength Builder: Elevate your grip training with a method that simultaneously develops explosive and crushing strength. The Element Fitness grip training rope is a unique tool for those aiming to master every nuance of grip strength.
    2. Tough Hands, Strong Grip: Crafted to create tough and resilient hands, this training rope is a must-have for anyone aspiring to be a grip master. It transforms your hands into powerful tools, ready to conquer any obstacle in your fitness journey.
    3. Versatile Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Accessory: With a thickness of 38mm and a length of 40cm, this hemp training rope is not just for grip training; it's an excellent addition to your OCR and Ninja obstacle course. Experience the versatility of a training tool that goes beyond conventional boundaries.
    4. Durable Hemp Construction: Built to withstand intense workouts, the grip training rope is constructed from hemp. It ensures longevity, and a firm, secure, and soft grip, making it a reliable companion in your quest for upper body dominance.

    Unleash the power of your upper body with the Element Fitness Obstacle Course Racing Grip Hemp Training Rope — where innovation meets strength for a complete fitness experience.

    Product specifications

    • Brand: Element Fitness
    • Length 40 cm, diameter 38mm
    • Strap, carabiner (d=10mm) included
    • SKU: 20-11083