My Gymbox located in Oudenaarde, Belgium makes an unrivaled training space for its clientele. The rural feel of the nearby fields mixed with their premium facilities and modern changing rooms give the space a unique twist.

    The facility has an astonishing assortment of classes - cross running, CrossFit, football classes, and way much more. Free weights, boxing equipment, ropes, kettlebells, dumbbells, ropes, wall balls, and a customized rig to meet the needs of the outdoor facility. The selection of fitness equipment demonstrates the diversity of the gym's functional training programs and approaches. My GymBox classes are fun, inspiring & empowering, and ,led by the very best coaching experts around Oudenaarde.

    For this outdoor project, we have specially designed several rigs, to ensure all the required attachments and training tools are there - monkey bars, salmon ladders, boxing bags, climbing ropes, plenty of pull-up stations, battle ropes, nets and much more have found its place on the setup. The facility installed several standalone boxing attachments around the track to allow boxing classes while the group is working out around the rigs.

    My GymBox owner has also explained, that they were very tight with delivery dates because the Gym opening was already planned, so the solution had to be prepared super-fast and dispatched on very tight terms and dates. We are really happy, that everything went as planned and My GymBox has opened its doors as arranged. Thank you for choosing us!