In the summer of 2022, Element Fitness was proud to be a part of an exciting outdoor fitness project in Gastorp, Sweden. Together with our partners at TRESS, we were tasked with creating an innovative and unique fitness solution for the residents of the city, that would be the first project delivered for this municipality. 

    The design we came up with was a 2 connected hexagon shape with a variety of attachments to provide an exciting and diverse workout experience for users of all fitness levels. Our attachments included dip bars, monkey bars, different pull-up bars, climbing ladders, and much more. The hexagon shape was chosen as it provided a unique and visually interesting design, and it allowed us to maximize the use of the available space and provide a wide range of exercises and functional training opportunities in a compact area.

    One of the key goals of this project was to create a functional fitness space that was both challenging and inclusive, and our team worked closely with city officials and local fitness enthusiasts to ensure that our equipment met those needs. The final result was a highly functional and visually stunning outdoor gym that is now enjoyed by residents of all ages and fitness levels.

    We are extremely proud of the impact this project has had on the community and look forward to continuing working with our partners to create innovative and inclusive outdoor fitness solutions in the future.