MediFit Rüsselsheim

    The founders of the MediFit Rüsselsheim training and rehabilitation center are sure, that the foundation for success is quality and in their field of practice this required lifelong learning. On that basis, the idea of founding MediFit Center was born. 

    MediFitness Rüsselsheim offers a wide range of services and expertise - starting from physical and occupational therapies, osteopathy, and functional fitness to a training center for therapists. More than that, the center is constantly expanding and improving, in order for its clients to become fitter and more efficient.

    Their branded Kraftwerk gym provides a lot of opportunities for their guests too - group courses, functional training, mobility training, and flexibility sessions. One part that needed some attention - is the outdoor training fitness ground, to provide more possibilities for outdoor training. Outdoor training solutions provide additional opportunities while you get a great workout under PT supervision and a daily dose of vitamin D.

    For this project, together with our partners at Mass:stab OHG have created 3 lanes functional training rig with hot dip galvanization, for the harshest weather conditions. The rig has plenty of obstacles to climb around, a 6m long climbing wall with adjustable fall angle, salmon ladders, and plenty of workplaces for exercising with the bar. The whole outdoor setup was spiced with the additional ninja steps, climbing nets, and jumping spheres, aligned around the area and forming a great obstacle lane to enjoy while exercising. 

    Thank you for trusting our experience and looking forward to doing more projects with you!