Nordic International School

Stockholm, Sweden

In collaboration with our trusted partner, Tress, Element Fitness proudly presents the successful implementation of Donatello Park — an innovative combination of an outdoor gym and a Ninja Park at the Nordic International School on Stora Essingen in Stockholm. This unique project aimed to transform the schoolyard into a dynamic and inviting space, fostering physical activity, creativity, and a sense of adventure among students. 

The Nordic International School, known for its international profile, sought a groundbreaking solution for its schoolyard. The challenge of project - integrate fitness and play elements seamlessly, providing students with both active zones and serene areas for relaxation.

A key factor in the project's success was the collaborative approach taken by Element Fitness and Tress. By working closely with the client, we engaged in open dialogue, sharing our expertise while attentively listening to their unique requirements. This collaborative spirit allowed us to generate creative ideas that met and exceeded the school's expectations.

The result is Donatello Park, a captivating outdoor space overlooking the scenic Mälaren. This multifunctional area boasts an array of ninja challenges, seamlessly blended with a thoughtfully designed outdoor gym. The park caters to diverse needs, providing students with opportunities for active play, fitness routines, and moments of relaxation amid nature.

Donatello Park has transformed the Nordic International School's schoolyard into a dynamic hub of movement and wellness. Students now have a space that encourages them to be physically active, fostering not only their physical health but also their mental well-being. The project has become a testament to how thoughtful design and collaboration can create educational environments that go beyond the traditional, providing holistic development opportunities for students.