Grabo city


In collaboration with our esteemed partner, Tress, Element Fitness embarked on a transformative project in the charming Swedish city of Gråbo. Located near the Röselids school, the project aimed to rejuvenate an underutilized outdoor space, reinventing it into a dynamic activity park suitable for all ages.

The endeavor began with Tress envisioning a multifunctional surface that would encourage play and exercise and seamlessly integrate with the school environment. The challenge was to breathe new life into an area once occupied by an outdated outdoor gym.

Our team at Element Fitness, working hand in hand with Tress, brought this vision to reality. The centerpiece of the revitalized space is our signature hexagon training station, a versatile structure designed for a myriad of functional exercises. Complementing this are the carefully integrated Ninja balance beams and Ninja steps, adding layers of excitement and challenge to the park. To enhance the overall fitness experience, we included our plyo platforms, creating an inclusive environment for a diverse range of activities.

The outcome is more than just an activity park; it's an extension of the schoolyard, inviting students and community members alike to engage in fitness, play, and social interaction. This collaborative success showcases how thoughtful design and quality equipment can transform underutilized spaces into vibrant hubs for physical activity and well-being. Element Fitness and Tress take pride in contributing to the health and vitality of the Gråbo community through this innovative outdoor project.