Dybvad city


In the heart of Dybvad, Vendsyssel, a visionary project was conceived to transform the physical and social landscape between a local school and its neighboring sports hall. Historically divided by barriers, the goal was to foster a greater sense of community and accessibility through the power of design and strategic planning.

The existing setup posed a significant challenge, with fencing and a wall creating a literal and figurative divide between the school and the sports hall. This separation hindered the potential for communal engagement and shared use of the facilities by students and the sports association’s members.

Element Fitness, in collaboration with our trusted partner Tress Denmark, embarked on an ambitious project to not only remove these physical barriers but to create a unified, multi-functional space that encourages activity, interaction, and connectivity.

We developed an open and accessible activity area that seamlessly integrates with the landscape, serving as a communal hub for both the school's students and the sports association's members. This innovative space was designed to cater to a diverse range of activities, promoting physical well-being and social interaction.

The transformation has been profound, with the new activity area becoming a vibrant center of communal life in Dybvad. Students and sports association members alike now enjoy a shared space that encourages physical activity, fosters social bonds, and bridges communities.

The project not only enhanced the physical connectivity between the school and sports hall but also cultivated a stronger, more active community. By reimagining the use of space, we were able to create an environment that supports health, happiness, and a sense of belonging.