“Let’s do some epic!”

that was our motto when starting off the project with our partners for Eclipse Gym in Hedel, Netherlands. As you may already feel from the name of the studio, it had to be something related to light and lack of it, so we have made something super-special for this project. The task was clear - to create an epic solution!

    At Element Fitness we have tremendous experience in working with rigs, which are made as versatile as possible and equipped with a wide range of different attachments. This time it was not enough. We have gathered our engineering and electrician teams, to discuss the possibilities of going out of the frames, and we have brought to life the very 1st on the market functional training rig with in-built changeable LED lights.

Odoo • Text and Image

Change the lighting just flicking the button

    After discussions on the density of the lights were over, we had custom-made 80*160mm thick pillars, to ensure the stability of a 16 m long rig with shelving and monkey bars all over. Very special horizontal beams were engineered for the project - beam, where we have integrated the outboard PU bars for TRX suspension belt attachment and which ensured the 2-level monkey bars with LEDs availability.

    All electrical netting and connections were made as plug-and-play and easy-to-go solutions and still after the electrical nets were completed, we ensured clear and detailed instructions for the installation team on the spot.

    And when the light went down - the magic happened! Functional training zone, where you can change the lighting by just flicking the button on the remote and get some blood pumping while sweating during the session! We would like to thank our clients for trusting our experience in dealing with complex projects and our partners in Benelux for inspiration and for making the installation process smooth! Element Fitness team is looking forward to bringing the most daring solutions for your defiant challenges!