Container project


In the pursuit of innovative fitness solutions, Element Fitness partnered with Very Black Store Store bring traditional gym experience outdoors. The challenge was clear — create a mobile fitness hub that could seamlessly adapt to diverse environments while offering a fully functional and immersive workout space.

The concept was simple yet groundbreaking — transform sea shipping 20-foot containers into fully equipped, mobile fitness hubs. This meant delivering a turnkey solution where clients could assemble their dream gym effortlessly at their chosen location. The containers, upon arrival, revealed the magic of a fully operational gym, eliminating the complexities often associated with setting up a fitness facility.

One of the key strengths of our gym containers lies in their versatility. They are not just containers; they are fitness sanctuaries loaded with features. Clients can tailor their fitness hub according to their specific needs. Whether it's the need for a robust electricity supply, perfect lighting conditions, or climate control with heating and air conditioning options — every aspect is fully customizable. The goal is to provide an environment where fitness enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a tailored workout experience.

Our gym containers redefine the concept of fitness spaces. They break free from the confines of traditional gym structures and can be placed anywhere outdoors, from bustling urban landscapes to serene and remote natural retreats. The inherent mobility ensures that fitness is no longer restricted to a specific location. Even during challenging times like the pandemic, where restrictions might close down traditional gyms, our fitness hubs remain accessible and operational, providing a solution that adapts to the evolving fitness landscape.

The collaboration with Very Black Store Store has resulted in the creation of a fitness solution that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional gyms. The transformed shipping containers offer a unique blend of mobility, functionality, and adaptability, providing fitness enthusiasts with an unparalleled workout experience. Element Fitness continues to explore new horizons in the fitness industry, redefining how and where people engage in physical activity.