Ribbed nunchuks


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Product description

Introducing the Element Fitness Obstacle Course Racing Ribbed Nunchucks Grip — an advanced training tool designed to elevate your grip strength and challenge your pull-ups. With a ribbed surface, the Nunchucks grip is engineered for those seeking the pinnacle of grip mastery.

Key Features:

  1. Next-Level Grip Training: The Ninja Grips Nunchucks are crafted for advanced grip training during pull-ups. The ribbed surface adds an extra grip, making it the perfect choice for those aiming to enhance wide grip or pinch strength.
  2. Obstacle Course Racing Excellence: Specifically designed for obstacle course racing, these Nunchucks serve as a challenging tool to fortify your grip strength and forearm muscles. Whether used on an Element Fitness rig or any other structure, it's a versatile accessory for your OCR and Ninja training.
  3. All-Weather Durability: Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, the OCR Nunchucks Grip is a reliable companion for your outdoor training sessions. Simple to use, it comes with a carabiner and strap for easy setup on any rig or structure.

Master your grip strength with the Element Fitness Obstacle Course Racing Nunchucks Grip — where sophistication meets the challenge for an unbeatable training experience.

Product specifications

• Brand: Element Fitness
• Coated in RAL9005 Jet Black (sand effect) 
• Structural steel S235
• Diameter 32,5mm
• Strap, carabiner (d=10mm) included
• SKU: 20-07952