Boxing Bag (150*35cm, 50kg)

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Product description

Elevate your punching game with the Element Fitness heavy-duty punch bag, designed to enhance your striking power. Crafted from 100% dyed quality polyurethane, these bags are filled with a special bag fill and meticulously sewn for exceptional quality and enduring durability. Rigorously tested, they guarantee unparalleled performance in any setting.

A staple in every gym, Element Fitness boxing bags, made of polyurethane, offer remarkable power and resilience. Despite being a more budget-friendly option than leather bags, these PU punch bags deliver exceptional performance, whether in a professional gym or at home. Polyurethane, known for its excellent tear resistance, also repels water, oil, and grease, ensuring easy cleaning and a prolonged lifespan.

Available in a uniform size of 150cm, and 35cm, and weighing 50kg, the Element Fitness boxing bag is your reliable partner for impactful and enduring training sessions.

Product specifications

• Brand: Element Fitness
• Comes in uniform size of 150cm, 35cm, and 50kg weight
• Printed logo of brand
• Outer layer: 100% polyurethane (PU)
   Filling: Synthetic Fiber Fill
• SKU: 00-14206