In 2020 Element Fitness put its first mark in Norway, together with our partners on that project - FitnessBrands Norway. This is the first outdoor project that was presented in Ostfold, Norway in the summer of 2020. In the modern world, most people understand the positive and transformative effects of outdoor gyms.

    Together with our partners, we wanted an outdoor gym to help boost the activity and well-being of the students in Ostfold Campus.

    After several calls, we discussed all the requirements, available areas, and desired functional training zones. After receiving area plans, we head straight for the drawing board with several cups of coffee, to sketch out our bespoke design, to complement and enhance their active style vision. We also want the activity to go much further – so we have split the area into 2 zones. The first one was devoted to classical functional fitness and basic movements, therefore the second was more oriented towards calisthenics, and we also incorporated several OCR elements, where the athletes could have a taste of obstacle running.

    Our engineers and designers know that our clients and our partners will expect excellent opportunities for physical activity. Their equipment and features must also be different from everything else that’s available and must bring additional value to the landscape. It’s equally important to design for people’s well-being – promoting fitness benefits with inspiring beginners and students to get active. That is what we keep in mind when bringing the solution to your challenge! Thank you for having us!

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