Odoo • Image and Text

    During pandemics, people are still actively looking for training solutions and fitness solutions. Regardless of your available space and goals, Element Fitness has the equipment and expertise that can have your space designed and fully operational in any place and in no time.

    This outdoor rig located in Finland, Turku has a custom-built Wall Mounted Rig attached to a branded container with mounted flying pull-up bars, dip bars, and several places for working out with the bars. On the other side of the container, we have placed a climbing ladder - in case somebody wants to stretch or there is a necessity to get access to the roof rapidly (med balls have a tendency to be thrown, you know). A container with additionally equipped with the existing shelves for keeping the inventory steady. A selection of other equipment is also available at the outdoor gym, including, weights, bars, bumpers, and assault bikes.

    OGT Gym owner was very surprised by the production and delivery time and functional training zones were mounted in Finland in a blink of an eye.

Odoo • Text and Image