Kroftstodl is the place located in Austria, Linz Umgebung, where you can go all out with a variety of training equipment, on classic training surfaces with lots of iron, in joint group circuit training sessions, and in the rustic old-school area.

    It offers its guests a 5,500 m² training area, spread over 2 floors in the main building, 3 different areas in the adjoining building for your individual strength training, and well over 4,500 m² outdoor training area with the best equipment inside and outside, leaving nothing to be desired for your training success. 

    Kroftstodl prides itself on providing the very best training equipment and the most inspiring spaces to work out in. They wanted to expand the training area to outdoors and make their members be proud of their Studio, and for the time they spend with them to be the best of their day. The main idea was to bring functional and power training to the outdoors and set up several squats and bench places in a safe environment and distances. For these reasons, we have advised Tactical Octorig with 6 squat stations and plenty of possibilities to expand and add attachments to it. 

    Element Fitness provided the club with a full turnkey solution including an outdoor rig, indoor standalone squat stands with safety spotters, climbing ropes, and rings, together with a long list of attachments to spice up the training. We are always here to bring the solution to any new challenge you ever face!