Jungle Box Gym


Element Fitness recently completed an exciting indoor gym project for Jungle Box, a unique fitness center in France. This project perfectly illustrates our commitment to combining high functionality with aesthetic appeal, tailored to our client's vision.

While the preparation phase took considerable time to ensure every detail was perfect, the actual setup was remarkably swift, taking only three days. This efficiency is a testament to our meticulous planning and streamlined production processes.

Central to this project was the installation of a long training rig featuring 16 sturdy pillars. Each side of the rig boasts 7 versatile training stations, including pull-up bars, dip bars, plyo platforms, and dedicated spots for squats and bench presses. To enhance functional training and grip strength, we incorporated peg boards into the design. Additionally, half safety bars were integrated to ensure safe exercises with barbells and weight plates.

The Jungle Box gym stands out not just for its functionality but also for its thematic design. True to its name, Jungle Box immerses visitors in a jungle-like atmosphere. The training rig was crafted to highlight this unique design, blending seamlessly with the lush, vibrant aesthetics of the gym. The result is an environment that feels both adventurous and invigorating, inspiring gym-goers to push their limits.

The Jungle Box project exemplifies Element Fitness’s ability to deliver custom fitness solutions that align with our client's vision and operational requirements. By combining robust functionality with thematic design, we've created a training environment that is both effective and inspiring. The swift setup, coupled with our attention to detail, ensured that Jungle Box was ready to welcome its members in no time. This project underscores our commitment to providing high-quality, tailored fitness solutions that meet diverse client needs.