The best way to do fitness in 2020 - going outdoors to have some fun in the fresh air. Even better, when you have a chance to choose between indoors and outdoors. This was a really significant factor to consider for Eclipse Gym when equipping their fitness center. Together with the LED rig, we have also supplied a very nice and saturated solution for outdoor fitness.

    Our clients often ask us and it is our pleasure to spread some technical ideas. Here is the one. Our pillars are engineered in a special way - each of them has drainage holes in the bases of the feet, which is why any rig can be easily put outside. We use a primer with high zinc saturation before powder coating, which significantly slows down the rusting process. Even when some minor, it does not affect the structural integrity and lifetime of the rig.

    When usability is more important than outer look (for military use, for example) - we can offer hot galvanic as an option. This was the case. Rig pillars were made in heavy-duty hot-dip zinc galvanization, which can withstand the harshest weather conditions and have an interesting look as well.

    We have advised the compact functional training rig setup, which included monkey bars, Swedish ladder, places for squats and pull-ups, climbing rope attachment, dip bars, WB target, and much more with a footprint of 9 m only.

    Thank you for choosing Element Fitness as your reliable partner!