Cronhammer Car Park

Vejle, Sweden

In 2023, the Cronhammer car park was unveiled in Vejle, Denmark, marking a significant advancement in the city's efforts to alleviate traffic congestion. Designed to accommodate 1,000 vehicles, including 80 electric cars, the facility is a testament to Vejle's commitment to sustainable urban development. However, it was the innovative addition of a cross trainer on the rooftop that truly set this project apart, blending mobility solutions with health and wellness initiatives.

The construction manager faced the dual challenge of not only providing a practical solution to parking but also inspiring a culture of activity among the city's residents. The goal was to make a statement about active living, encouraging motorists to engage in physical exercise amidst their daily routines.

In collaboration with Tress, a long-standing partner, Element Fitness introduced an outdoor gym machine - a cross trainer, on the rooftop of the Cronhammer car park. This strategic placement allowed individuals to enjoy an exercise session with an unparalleled view of Vejle, thereby transforming a mundane parking experience into an opportunity for wellness. The chosen cross trainer, certified under EN1176, ensured safety and durability, making it suitable for the outdoor environment and accessible for use by the general public.

The introduction of the cross trainer on the rooftop has been met with enthusiasm, serving as a physical representation of Vejle's forward-thinking approach to urban planning. This unique blend of functionality and health consciousness not only enhances the car park's appeal but also promotes a broader message of active living within the community. Motorists now have the added benefit of incorporating fitness into their daily commute, making the Cronhammer car park a landmark project in Vejle.