LEOS Athanasios SA

​Showroom, Greece

Our calisthenics rigs are perfect for anyone looking to take their body weight training to the next level. Designed for versatility, our setups cater to calisthenics training needs. Experience the freedom of wide pull-up bars for tricks and spins, gymnastic rigs, and low-deep bars for standing push-ups - all in one place.

Our rigs are more than just equipment; they're a testament to strength, durability, and versatility.
Created to withstand rigorous workouts, they come with a range of attachments and accessories, allowing you to customize your exercises for muscle building, increased strength, or overall fitness improvement.

Whether you're setting up your home gym or enhancing a municipality playground, Element Fitness Calisthenics Rigs are the ideal choice. Elevate your training experience and push your limits with the perfect blend of innovation and strength.