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    Bouldering Gym Virsotne is a brand-new indoor climbing center in Riga, Latvia. For climbers, grip, back, and hand strength are crucially important. For their clients, they decided to open an equipped gym for strength training. The aim was simple - we needed pull-up bars with the possibility to attach different grip trainers, as well as removable pull-up bars for beginning climbers. We were shown the plans for the building - the free weights area and general gym layout were pretty clear.

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    Virsotne climbing gym has climbing classes for adults and children, a climbing gym for independent use, as well as the gym. We proposed a standalone rig system that would be suitable for grips, TRX suspension belts, and power exercises. We also included several attachments to the rig, so that rig became even more functional. With this rig, they were able to teach kids how to perform pull-ups correctly, as well as improve communication within the clientele.

    A simple, yet very functional solution for the challenge. Thank you for choosing us!