Embracing Sustainability. "How green are you?" we were asked once.

When everybody and everywhere is ultra-environmentally-conscious, becoming green is not just a choice but a necessity. For metal product manufacturers (not based in the East), it is always a fun challenge to think of green solutions and ways of making the Earth a better place. Our commitment to sustainability is now more than a corporate responsibility; it has become a value that shapes every aspect of our production process. 

Eco-Friendly Practices in Manufacturing

Element Fitness has consistently incorporated sustainable practices into its manufacturing process. By utilizing recycled materials and renewable energy sources, we've significantly reduced our carbon footprint. In fact, recent data shows that using recycled materials can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% compared to new material production, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. This approach not only conserves natural resources but also lessens our environmental impact. We also have switched to recycled plastic with our plastic suppliers - a new product they launched in 2023. 

Maximizing Packing Efficiency, Reducing Waste

In 2020, we have fully transitioned to using eco-friendly wooden crates for packing our fitness equipment. These wooden crates are sourced from sustainable forests, ensuring minimal environmental impact. The design is both sturdy and reusable, offering excellent protection during transit while reducing waste. We strive to use as little plastic as possible when packing.

Our production facilities are designed to minimize waste. We employ advanced waste management techniques, ensuring that most of our industrial by-products are recycled or repurposed. This initiative aligns with the European Union's circular economy action plan, which aims to reduce waste generation and ensure that resources are kept within the economy for as long as possible. 

Energy-Efficient and Low-Carbon Footprint

In line with global trends towards renewable energy, Element Fitness has invested in solar power for its manufacturing units, and equipped several of our factory roofs with solar panels. Solar energy now accounts for a significant portion of our power usage, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energy sources like solar power have been shown to reduce electricity-related emissions by approximately 90% compared to traditional energy sources, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency. Utilization of these batteries after the lifespan is another story, of course...


Sustainable Products for a Healthier Planet

With our long-term partners and customers, we can also discuss the possibility of refurbishing and reworking their existing training solutions, by giving them a coating and functional retouch and a new breath. Our product range reflects our commitment to sustainability in general. From indoor training equipment to outdoor training setups, each product is designed with environmental impact in mind. We ensure that our products are extra durable and high-quality, which will increase their lifespan. 


Element Fitness’s journey towards sustainability is an ongoing process. We are constantly exploring new ways to enhance our eco-friendly initiatives, ensuring that our operations and products contribute positively to the planet's health. As we continue to innovate in the fitness industry, we remain committed to the principles of sustainability. By the end of the day, we want to exercise ourselves and breathe the fresh air. 

What environmental initiatives does your business have, to effectively minimize its ecological footprint while maintaining high quality and performance?

Embracing Sustainability. "How green are you?" we were asked once.
Element Lab SIA, Eugene Kokor January 25, 2024
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