It would seem easier to go to the gym and not have worried. And it is so! If you do not take into account hidden factors. 

How often did it happen that there was some urgent task and you didn’t perform the planned visit to the fitness club or even just a jog? This happens to me regularly. And it's not about the poor organization of time. Simply, household chores and kids make a factor of surprise in our lives. And I like it! The main question is, what opportunities does this create?


Having even the minimum conditions “at hand”, you can conduct a 20-minute HIIT training and not miss a training day. Though this training may not be the perfect one, it is certainly better than it will not be at all! You can perform exercises with your own weight, without using any equipment, and get the desired result, but the specially designated place for this will once again remind you of such an opportunity. In the mornings, you can do exercises, perform a “sun salutation" or just meditate, and in the late afternoon play around with the kids.

Encourage children

The organization of such a special place definitely will arouse interest among children. Even if at first the child does not join the training, then the next time he will do it for sure - inquisitiveness will take its toll. Emerging new inventory will only increase interest. And you will have the opportunity not only to spend quality time with your kid but also to set a real example. And very soon, the children themselves will remind you of the training. 

To increase the flexibility of thinking

Come to the gym and work out according to the training program will not require brain tension from you. Even if you form your training spontaneously, the available equipment and inventory will largely determine your choice. It’s a completely different matter when the gameplay is involved. (Apparently, this is why obstacle racing has been gaining popularity so much lately) When you training at home, and even with children, your training space becomes all-around - from chairs (which you have to climb over) and tunnels from Ikea (which you have to squeeze through ) to the pillows (on which you have to jump like stones over a river). Our home assortment is constantly replenished. We use the small rig with a bouldering wall on it, a net, a rope ladder, rings and a boxing bag, which is also regularly used as a steep rock or a swinging bridge (when removed). 

Each time in this game I imperceptibly fall into the children's fantasy world - you have just been a treasure seeker, and now you are already an astronaut who fixes problems in the space station. Freeing up internal child, I feel somehow incredibly easy and (what’s cool) those tasks and problems that have been in my head before, suddenly begin to produce new solutions and opportunities. 

To stay with his family

As all members of the family pulled into such a game workout, you do not notice how this place becomes as comfortable for leisure, like the living room. But everyone invests time in health and in each other there, and not in TV watching or media. 

Element Lab SIA, Eugene Kokor April 22, 2021
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