ATIS Club Meerbusch offers plenty of group exercise classes ranging from easy to professional athletics and provides a wide range of options to master different martial arts. They are located in Meersbuch / Dusseldorf and provide members with a comprehensive wellness program that includes virtual cycling, kids' training, and diagnostics. They also partner with several martial arts experts, to offer exclusive classes, such as the Inayan system of Eskrima.

​Management of ATIS Club was looking to add value to club memberships by increasing the breadth of group exercise programs, as well as finding a smart solution for the storage of fitness equipment. They also wanted to increase secondary revenue for the club’s personal trainers. 

​Our German partners came to assist the ATIS Club in solving this problem. The main aim was to create a functional training space and add something more efficient, functional, and adaptable area to keep members busy. The second aim was to create several additional squat places. They have looked at other functional fitness units, however, they were impressed with the adaptability of Element Fitness Functional Bridge systems, and we were happy to make a custom bridge, with the incorporated storage system. It also provided a way to better utilize training space.

​After deciding on the final design, we prepared individually engraved nameplates for the rigs. The bridge unit was installed in its own studio space and provides another functional area for members, together with a separate power rack and squat stand. Installing Element Fitness bridge has allowed doubling the amount of training offered during peak hours and created an absolutely new functional and power zone. ATIS Club plans on adding more classes to its library with a focus on power training and martial arts. This will allow them to continually re-energize their members and give personal trainers a way to refresh their workouts.

​The impact of this installation has been profound. Members have expressed high satisfaction with the new functional training options, leading to increased membership retention and new sign-ups. Personal trainers have reported that the new equipment has provided them with more versatility in designing personalized workout plans, thus increasing client engagement and satisfaction. The enhanced training space has not only met but exceeded the expectations of the ATIS Club management, setting a new standard for fitness facilities in the region.