In 2015, Element Fitness started cooperating with an extremely successful team Andrejsala CrossFit to deliver equipment for their guest training camps.

    The team Andrejsala has a good reputation for strong trainers’ team performing training, which is suitable for all levels and abilities - from group training for beginners to specialized and narrow training courses for servicemen on training grounds. This new look at the fitness industry allowed the team Andrejsala to open a training hall, which was fully adapted to the needs of its unique training style.

    To use the equipment for training and CrossFit in any environment – both in a hall and in-field activities, special tactical rigs were made that are easily transported and used even on uneven ground. For many years in a row, Andrejsala organizes CrossFit camps and various competitions in the country, where tactical rigs have proved their excellent performance.

    We continue supporting the team Andrejsala with pleasure in its undertakings and provide them with different equipment for CrossFit games and camps. We appreciate that you have chosen us to be your partners!


Our activity is connected with the organization of sports training and guest training (camps) and competitions.

Complications and their solutions are often connected with a configuration of the space where we wish to place inventory, as well as our intended functions with the structure to be adapted. If we speak about guest activities, solutions shall be looked for like structure fixing on coverings of different types, as well as the simplest possible mobility of the structure itself.

The choice of "element fitness" was made as to their wish to go through all our organized events and our sports in general technically delighted us. We noticed a likeness to our ideology. That ardor and pride for their products and their quality of "Element fitness" manager! Their ability to listen and go deeper into the tiniest nuance (whether technical or training-related) and attempts to look for one or several solutions with full output.

With this constant wish of "element fitness" to build something more efficient or easily adaptable, we can offer wider training models and exercises to our friends. At the same time, we can service more users and choose more various exercises. One of our segments is guest and outdoor activities, where we widely use mobile structures made by "element fitness".

I am sure that with such an approach "element fitness" will become even more popular and marketable in the sports segment!

Girts Skujans